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Your Products.
Our Promise.

Representing your brands in the Canadian Market since 1945.

Since 1945, Grant Brothers Sales has been one of Canada's leading manufacturers' sales agency. We take a strategic, tech-led approach to propel companies to achieve greater sales and unstoppable growth.

We've got you covered.


For three generations we have been building strong customer relationships across the country, perfecting our approach to promoting client sales.


We are committed to offering the best service and support to manufacturers so you can achieve success in the Canadian market. We have representatives in the field coast to coast and inside sales experts who are dedicated to every one of our clients.

We invest in our team with each new client we take on, increasing our capacity to support their growing needs.

Our Promise.

To exceed manufacturer's expectations by providing the attention and support they need to feel confident their Canadian operation is taken care of. 

Key Relationships

We have strong relationships with key players in the Canadian market. Through our years of serving the industry, we will continue to grow and maintain our ever-expanding database of customers, clients, and associates.

Industry Experts

Our team members are motivated and passionate sales experts, with extensive industry experience to get your products in front of your target audience. Our strong industry knowledge, experience, and skills have the capability to sell across various sales channels
for the widest possible reach.


Our sales representatives in Canada are equipped with the most advanced sales and marketing CRM. This software will allow representatives both in-field and
in-house, to accurately and efficiently provide the best service and data-led information so you always know what's happening.


Our team of professionals is located across the country providing in territory services, building strong relationships with National and Regional customers in each province

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What to expect.

The benefit of using a sales agency in Canada are wide-ranging and impactful:


Invaluable knowledge and exclusive industry connections that provide insight into successful sales strategies.


Experts in distribution management, creating efficient and
cost-effective channels to take products to your customers.


 Close market analysis, provides insight to sales trends and the ability to guide companies’ strategies with accurate insider information.


Well-versed in
offering effective communication and excellent service at both ends of the supply chain.


12 Northwestern Avenue
York, ON M6M 5E5

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