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Our Services

Want to tap into the Canadian market?  
You need experienced professionals on your team to drive your sales and surpass your target.

At Grant Brothers Sales we are the trusted partners you can rely on, thanks to our multifaceted approach to your business.


Sales Expertise

Work with our trusted industry representatives during every step of your sales journey who provide:

  • Reputable service - 75 years of relationships built in the automotive, retail, heavy duty, hardware, marine and industrial sectors.

  • Industry expertise - Our clients count on us to follow the evolving trends and development for both our market and our consumer experiences.

  • Coast to coast coverage - Invaluable location specific sales knowledge and experience.

  • Product Education - Continuous in-depth training to ensure all members are versed on the benefits of your products and how to best position them to reach your sales goals.


Clients will receive access to our in-house marketing team dedicated to deliver:

  • Data analysis and campaign support – our in-house marketing department works closely with our data insights and sales experts to understand current sales trends, creating marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Creative design & edits – our team can make new designs or changes to your already existing flyers, promos, presentations, sell sheets, etc.

  • Quick turnaround – with an in-house team we can schedule and complete projects as well as make fast edits to promotional pieces in a timely manner. No more waiting.

Service Savvy

Grant Brothers Sales clients are supported by our team of qualified and experienced Inside Sales Managers who provide:

  • After-sale care/administrative support - accurately and efficiently check order status and follow up with the customer on delivery.

  • One point of contact – clients will be paired with a dedicated Inside Sales Manager to have one point of contact, providing you with superior customer service in a timely manner.

  • Training facilitation – scheduling regular virtual presentations, products launches and training sessions between manufacturers and our sales representatives.

  • Monthly Reporting – custom reports created by your ISM will be delivered monthly followed by a team call to review.

In-Depth Insights

Each of our sales representatives in Canada and our in-house team are equipped with the latest CRM tool and software, allowing:

  • Real-time reporting - the ability to communicate and collect crucial information on the spot.

  • Data Collection - every point of contact, from calls to sales are collected, analyzed and reported so you are up to date with the latest developments in the market.

  • Market Analysis - through the data we collect we are able to identify and deliver customer strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market.


12 Northwestern Avenue
York, ON M6M 5E5

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